Meetup group

Life Alignment Meetup empowering purposeful and passionate living.  Followed by tea/coffee and social. 

All are welcome.  Booking is necessary, as places are limited to 6 attendees.

Second Thursday of each month:     Choose Life!     10.00 am – 11.30 am     £10

The Meetup group is for those wishing to experience and create a lighter, joyful and more meaningful way of Being.

Some of the work may be done with the group as a whole, but often the work is done through individuals who bring to focus specific aspects and issues that are relevant to all in the group, the balancing of which is for the benefit of us all. If you do not wish to be balanced directly, just let me know. You will still be balanced through the others.

Working in a safe and supportive group is a very powerful and connecting Grace. It allows us to change deeply and sustainably – both individually and collectively.

If you haven’t been for a Life Alignment session with me before, please use the Consent Form tab to access the client information sheet and to print off and sign the consent form.

Bookings for the Meetups are made through the Life Alignment Meetup – Appleton Wiske, or by emailing me.