“It’s the key words she identifies which triggers your memories and thought process which is just amazing. These key words were so pertinent to me, it was amazing.”

“Karen is a great portal for your feelings and has a calmness which allows you to unfold and sort out your emotions.”

“I found it a very useful and unique therapy- somewhere between a talking therapy and a passive manual therapy.”

“Karen is an excellent therapist, there is empathy without dependence – Karen is the guide but not the crutch and I think that works.”

“There was nothing actually ‘wrong’ with me but i just did not feel right, so I had a few sessions and Karen helped put me back on track. I am not sure how or why it worked, but it did, and I feel better and stronger for it.”

“Since attending life alignment sessions with Karen, I have experienced many improvements in my life. I am motivated, more organised, feel an excitement about life that I last felt about 40 years ago and have only had one occurrence of gout. I would certainly recommend life alignment to anyone.”

“I found the client-centred approach of the sessions to be one of the great strengths of life alignment. I felt safe and cared for, which enabled me to confidently explore a variety of aspects affecting my well-being.”

“What surprised me was the energy I took from the sessions thanks to dumping unnecessary baggage from my mind that I had been carrying around with me for years!”

“Life Alignment is a very special tool to help with the everyday strains of life in general. It helps you to help yourself. Karen facilitates this in a very professional and supportive manner.”

“Karen has a great ability to put you at ease whatever you are feeling at the time and gives you the confidence and reassurance that the session is going in the right direction.”

“It is always surprising what comes up during the sessions, and I always feel that a lot of work has been done at a deeper level and that the root cause of the issue has been directly dealt with. Thanks Karen”

“I felt able to open up to a deeper level without feeling vulnerable.”

“The workshop with Karen has begun the most transformative journey of my life, the manifestations are those of my deepest desires, and I am happy living in my body! – Thanks to Karen, I am now enjoying the life that I was born to live!”

“Having had a couple of major upsets in my life that i never really got over, i gave ‘alignment’ a try and it allowed me to move on with my life.”