Home Alignment

“Balancing the energy of places and our relationship with those places”
also useful for Hampered Harmony, Horrible Histories or Haunted Houses


When we are in harmony with our homes they provide rest and nurture; but negative energies from the environment, people and events can drain the energy of the occupants resulting in fatigue, illness and feeling stuck.

ENERGISEEnergy flow path

I start by conducting a subtle energy audit of the property, including environmental energies that may be affecting the home. The energy centre of the home is identified and activated. Energy flow through each floor of the home is checked and the space cleared of energy debris and blocks. Each room is assessed for modifications to be made by you that will further improve the energy of the home.


Good energy is required whether staying or selling. Home Alignment can help occupants come into greater harmony with their home space and each other, bringing increased awareness, happiness and prosperity.

The Home Alignment is conducted in my office, working over a copy of the building plans.