Description of a Session

Sessions are conducted fully clothed, either lying or seated. You will be asked to state your intent for the session.

Gentle muscle testing and dowsing are used to identify the nature of the energy imbalance, underlying the presenting symptoms. If appropriate, you will be guided through a process of enquiry and reflection to bring awareness to and understanding of the issues involved.

I’ll perform specific healing techniques with my hands and with various Life Alignment magnets. At times I may request your permission to touch your body (generally in the area of your head, arms or torso); at other times my hands will be working off your body.

If at any time during the session you are uncomfortable, please inform me immediately. Self-care is an integral part of your healing process.

Towards the end of the session there will be time for you to rest and integrate the shifts in energy. During this time I will prepare a summary of the session.

Responses during a Life Alignment session vary widely. Some clients describe sensations of moving energy, deep relaxation, feelings of being supported and nurtured, or visions of images and colours. Others don’t feel anything at all. Some clients experience an emotional release such as tears; some have what they consider to be a spiritual experience or they may develop insight into specific areas of their lives.

Responses in the days and weeks following a session also vary widely, and you are encouraged to notice what changes for you, and notice how you respond to those changes.