Life Alignment

“Tools for changing perspective and patterning”

Life Alignment helps us tune into the signals of our bodies, lives and homes; enabling transformation and renewal.


Life Alignment works at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It facilitates insight and release; helping us to make conscious, creative choices that empower and transform our bodies, lives, homes and environment.


Life Alignment sessions help to identify the causes of negative patterns in life, body, work, relationships or home. The energy blocks around these patterns are found and released, making space for change.


Each session is unique, with details accessed through the clients Inner Wisdom, as signalled by their body response to gentle muscle testing. For some people, particular issues can be addressed over one or two sessions, and for others it’s a longer journey driven by self development and growth.

Click below for a link to a brief overview of Life Alignment by its founder, Jeff Levin DNM.

Diana Rice talks Life Alignment at the Great Wall of China. Click below for a link to the Tedx talk.